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Nutsy Minx Endhil MT

Par FS Numero Uno (DRP)
et Hesselteichs Dornröschen (DRP) par HET Golden Dream (DRP)

Conservée à l'élevage

Female, PFS, chestnut,
born in 2022.

Origines de Nutsy Minx Endhil MT, par FS Numero Uno

His origins

Her father, Cockney Cracker WE :

  • Champion of its approval at Weser-Ems in 2012,

  • Cockney Cracker made his classes in Class A Dressage, passed his tests successfully obtaining the good average of 8.39.

  • He qualified in 2015 for the finals of the Bundeschampionnate 5 years.

  • European Team Champion in 2021

Her mother, Nobless Vanessa :

  • German Champion at 3 years old

  • She obtains the coveted title of Mare Elite

  • Champion of France CC Dressage 4 years old

  • Champion of France CC Dressage 5 years old

  • Vice-Champion of France CC Dressage 6 years old

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