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Génération 2024

Our provisional, but not definitive, riding plan!

(you can still choose the sire!) x Honey Drop Petits Prés

FS Next Diamond, Golden Daim F, Supreme Summer Champion, RM Most Beautiful Boy...

To be booked in utero - between €5,000 and €8,000 including tax depending on the father chosen


(you can still choose the father!) x Pr. Sr. Ria

FS Next Diamond, FS Mr Right, Tackmann's Cantuccini, Crown Notting Hill...

To be booked in utero - €7,000 including tax

DSC_0047 - NO LOGO.png

(you can still choose the father!) x Dipsy Delight

Tackmann's Cantuccini, Cosmo Royale K, Dreidimensional AT NRW, Hamkens Naceur...

To be booked in utero - €7,500 including tax


Viersen K x Kastanienhof Raffinesse

To be booked in utero - €6,000 including tax


Elevage MT specializes in sport ponies and more particularly dressage ponies (even if a dressage pony often knows how to jump or cross country very well). We have selected our broodmares according to specific criteria: well-bred, well-built mares with good mentality and who have very good basic gaits. Thus each of our broodmares has solid genetics and you will therefore find the blood of ponies tested at the highest level: Dornik B, Kennedy WE, Dating AT, Viersen K, FS Champion de Luxe, FS Don't Worry, Het Golden Dream...

The fathers of our foals have often been spotted for several years. This monitoring allows us to better understand what cannot be seen in the photos: their character, their sportiness, their ease under the saddle. Often  well-informed competitors, however, we do not refrain from using young stallions with high potential . Some of these stallions are also available for your own ponies and breeding mares. Do not hesitate to consult our catalog of sport pony stallions

Our foals are therefore designed to become real good sport ponies, with real paces for dressage and certain abilities for eventing. You can find on this page all the foals born at the stud. For foals and sport ponies for sale , go to the " for sale " page.

Finally, above all, feel free to contact us by phone, email or messenger (via our Facebook page ), because it's always a pleasure for us to talk about our ponies and discuss your goals!

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