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A true miniature dressage horse, the Deutsches Reitpony is known and recognized today for its undeniable dressage talents. Its morphology helps it: orientation of the neck, strong and toned back, powerful and active hocks, right shoulder, fine fabrics and wide croup. Add to that just the right amount of blood for the competition, you get an exceptional pony, flexible and sporty, suitable for children as well as adults, with a cooperative character and naturally curious.

From numerous crosses, the German Selle Pony, the French name for Deutsches Reitpony, is, you guessed it, very present in Germany, since it is the cradle of its breed. Its best-known representatives are registered in the Rheinland, Weser-Ems or Hanover stud books, to name but a few.

Deutsches Reitpony is therefore a metered mixture of Welsh, Arabian, Thoroughbred and other English ponies, in particular. He is distinguished, of course, by his gait, often very demonstrative, with a wide step, an aerial trot and a naturally balanced gallop.

le Deutsches Reitpony, Poney de Selle Allemand, une race deponeys de sport taillée pour le dressage
The best origins Deutsches Reitpony (DRP)

Big names have emerged, making the difference during major international dressage events, and more particularly 5 major lines:

Golde Dancer, étalon Deutsches Reitpony, poney de dressage champion d'Europe


European dressage champion for Germany, Golden Dancer has one of the most incredible sporting careers. He is also a renowned sire since he produced a large number of performer ponies in the three Olympic disciplines, or exceptional breeders.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

He is thus at the origin of FS Golden Moonlight, FS Golden Sunlight (the mother of FS Don't Worry , FS Mr Right, FS Chambertin ... ), Der Harlekin B, Going East, FS Golden Fleur (the mother of FS Champion de Luxe and FS Dior de Luxe ), Genesis B or White Gold B.

Golden Dancer is the sire of 22 approved stallions.

Cocky Dundee, père de FS Champion de Lyxe, Deutsches Reitpony


Among his best-known products, we cannot avoid the very charismatic FS Champion de Luxe , which boasts a large and very interesting production, such as C-Dur, Can Dance, Casino Royale K, Champ de Luxe, Chantre , .... FS Champion de Luxe is at the head of more than 100 approved stallion sons and no less than 86 state award-winning daughters.

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Cocky Dundee is also the father of Cassini, FS Challenger or FS Chiwago .

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Cocky Dundee also produced some very good daughters, among them Chayenne , mother of FS Mr President, FS Dorian Gray .

Derano Gold, Deutsches Reitpony, Poney de selle allemand champion d'Europe de Dressage


"Dogs don't make cats" and Derano Gold is no exception: European Champion in Dressage, he is the founder of the FS Don't Worry and Dornik B lines , nothing less!

These two stallions, with a very large production, have become real references with regard to the undeniable quality of a large number of their products: Day of Whisper, Doubtless, Di Caprio du Bois, Donchester, FS Dior de Luxe, HB Daylight , Deinhard B, Camillo du Bois, ...

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Dressman, Deutsches Reitpony, étalon poney allemand de dressage


With 50 licensed sons and a host of state award winning daughters, Dressman is a true leader of the breed.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Double individual European champion, 7 times European team champion, 2 times German champion, this great sire already had nothing to prove in sport.

His descendants will follow the same path, with big names in dressage in Europe, such as Don Joshi AT (member of the British team at the European Championships), Dance Star AT, Der Feine Lord (member of the German team ). He is at the origin of Dreidimentional AT , Del Estero, Dreiklang AT, D-Day AT, D-Power AT ....

Black Boy, Deutsches Reitpony, poney de selle allemand


Black Boy is the originator of the "B" line, famous enough to be present in the origins of many dressage and jumping ponies.

The B line is: Bavarottie, Black Dancer, Branduardi M, Hilkens Black Delight, Pilgrims Red. ..

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