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Ello Kitty Alizay

Par FS Champion de Luxe (DRP)
et Scarlett des Bourdons (PO) par Ganzer Mann (DRP)

French National Champion in 2014
Sold - Canada

Female, DRP,
born in 2014.

Origines ELLO KITTY.png

Her origins

Her father, FS Champion de Luxe  :

​FS Champion de Luxe, his father, is one of the most famous stallions in the world! At the head of a progeny to make more than one pale (95 stallion sons, 86 elite mares), he distinguished himself at a high level and is, still to this day, the only stallion to have participated 5 times at the very difficult Bundeschampionates (German championship). It is therefore, in itself, a guarantee of quality!


Champion de Luxe is notably the sire of Champion Suprême d'Eté (approved stallion in France),  Can Dance, Caramel du Bois, C-Dur, Champ de Luxe, Classic Dancer, Casino Royale K , .... 

Also note the presence of Golden Dancer , European Champion in Dressage for Germany.


Her mother, Scarlett des Bumblebees   :

  • Dam of Bailey's Alizay & Ello Kitty Alizay, French foal champions, as well as Djin Fizz Alizay , French foal vice-champion

  • Daughter of Ganzer Mann, who turned to Ace Elite Dressage in France

  • From the line of Darby DB , mother of Qualität des Bourdons , double European Champion Eventing in 2014, and daughter of Dornik B, 8 times European Dressage Champion.

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