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Breeders of sport ponies for several years, it was in 2005 that we crossed paths with our first DRP broodmare: FS Golden Gesina (FS Golden Moonlight x Downland Folklore). A real revelation! Everything was there: the chic, the looks, the mental.

Then everything happened and we acquired several DRP broodmares from the best German origins: Dornik B, Power Boy, Valido, FS Champion de Luxe ... The last two arrivals are Dipsy Delight (Dating AT x Kennedy WE) and Honey Drop Petits Prés (Diamond Touch NRW x Cebulon). The latter should join a professional dressage stable in order to be valued on the Classical Dressage Cycles circuit.

Established in Normandy for a long time, and more particularly in the region of Bernay (27) since 2008, we wish to privilege the quality to the quantity. This is why we will never have more than 3 or 4 foals per year to be born. We also want to take the time to educate them and offer their owners practical foals, educated in confidence, perfectly halter, and who know the marshal and van transport.

All our foals are fed hay at will and pasture in the spring. We supplement them with a special Breeding feed without GMOs and molasses, which guarantees homogeneous growth.

Honey Drop Petits Prés, Ponette de Dressage DRP par Diamond Touch


  • 2 foaling boxes

  • 4 self-service stalls

  • 3 winter paddocks including 1 sand foal paddock

  • 1 white sand quarry (2021 project)

  • 1 ultrasound bar

For the comfort of our ponies, all the boxes and stalls are fitted out with a litter of large chips and self-service facades which allow access to hay at will without waste.

We do not have the necessary space to keep the foals sold in boarding. But we will give you some addresses of trusted breeders with whom we work regularly.

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