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Nice Cream Choc MT

Par FS Next Diamond (DRP)
et Raffinesse (DRP) par Kennedy WE (DRP)

6ème / 23 des foals femelles PFS de St Lô en 2023
3ème des foals au Grand Match des Dames de St Lô en 2023
9ème des foals femelles au Championnat de France PFS en 2023

Female, PFS, chestnut,
born in 2022.

Origines Nice Cream.jpg

His origins

Her father, Cockney Cracker WE :

  • Champion of its approval at Weser-Ems in 2012,

  • Cockney Cracker made his classes in Class A Dressage, passed his tests successfully obtaining the good average of 8.39.

  • He qualified in 2015 for the finals of the Bundeschampionnate 5 years.

  • European Team Champion in 2021

Her mother, Nobless Vanessa :

  • German Champion at 3 years old

  • She obtains the coveted title of Mare Elite

  • Champion of France CC Dressage 4 years old

  • Champion of France CC Dressage 5 years old

  • Vice-Champion of France CC Dressage 6 years old

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