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Hyrule Petits Prés

Par Movie Star (DRP)
et Djin Fizz Alizay (PFS) par Champion Suprême d'Eté (DRP)

Sold - France

Female, DRP,
born in 2017.

Origines HYRULE.png

Her origins

Her father, Movie Star  :

His father, the incredible Movie Star, is a real phenomenon of dressage squares: champion of 3 years old, he caused a sensation that year and was very noticed for the quality of his gaits and his behavior under the saddle. This quality has not escaped the Australians since he joined one of the best breeding in the country of kangaroos in 2016. He is a son of the very good FS Mr Right , whose production is increasingly talk ! FS Mr Right is a full brother to the fabulous FS Don't Worry .



Her mother, Djin Fizz Alizay   :

  • Vice-champion of France Dressage of female foals

  • Labeled Dressage

  • Daughter of Supreme Summer Champion , having progressed to Pro Elite GP, granddaughter of the breed leader FS Champion de Luxe

  • On the maternal side, Djin Fizz has for grandmother Darby DB, mother of the double European champion CCE Qualität des Bourdons. Darby DB is a daughter of Dornik B, 8 times European Dressage Champion (unmatched record to date)

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