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Iron Moon Petits Prés

Par FS Don't Worry (DRP)
et Djin Fizz Alizay (PFS) par Champion Suprême d'Eté (DRP)

Sold - France

Male, OC,
chestnut dun,
born in 2018.

Origines IRON MOON.png

His origins

His father, FS Don't Worry   :

Iron Moon can be very proud of its origins! Son of the fabulous F S Don't Worry , a stallion without equal in pony breeding: formidable competitor and first class breeder! A hundred of its products compete at the highest level and there are many German champions, Dutch champions or European champions.

Endowed with an extraordinary character FS Don't Worry himself had a first-class sporting career, going as far as the Grand Prix alongside horses.


His mother, Djin Fizz Alizay   :

  • Vice-champion of France Dressage of female foals

  • Labeled Dressage

  • Daughter of Supreme Summer Champion , having progressed to Pro Elite GP, granddaughter of the breed leader FS Champion de Luxe

  • On the maternal side, Djin Fizz has for grandmother Darby DB, mother of the double European champion CCE Qualität des Bourdons. Darby DB is a daughter of Dornik B, 8 times European Dressage Champion (unmatched record to date)

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