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Maestro Le Courtal MT

Par Volupto des Bourdons (PFS)
et Butterfly Dew Drop (DRP) par Florencio (KWPN)

For sale - 4 500 € TTC

Male, PFS,
born in 2022.

Origines m mt - Volupto x BUtterfly.jpg

His origins

His father, Volupto des Bourdons  :

  • Labeled France Dressage

  • 6th / 38 at the National PFS - 3 year old males

  • Winner in Amateur 1 Dressage and CSO

  • Son of Viersen K , having turned up to B Dressage and grandson of the international Dornik B , 8 times European champion (record still unequaled to this day)

  • He is a half-brother to Qualität des Bourdons , double European Champion Eventing in 2014, to Delyr des Bourdons, Champion of France CC Dressage at 5 years old, and to several ponies indexed in dressage.

His mother,  Butterfly Dew Drop  :

  • 3 participations in the European Dressage Championships

  • Classified as CDIOP

  • French Champion in 2018

  • Vice-champion of France As Elite

  • Daughter of Florencio (KWPN), who is in the top 1% of the best fathers in Germany, ranking in 10th place just ahead of Fürstenball. He is the father of more than a hundred products evolving internationally, including  Fürst Nymphenburg, Floriscount, Charmeur , ... Difficult to find better in a pony paper!

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