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Mont Blanc Delight MT

Par D-Gold AT NRW (DRP)
et Dipsy Delight (DRP) par Dating AT (DRP)

For sale - 7 500 € TTC

Male, PFS, dunalino,
born in 2022.

Origines D-Gold x Dipsy.jpg

His origins

His father, D-Gold AT NRW  :

  • German Champion of 3 years old with 9.5 (including 10 at the trot)

  • Vice-champion of Germany for 4-year-olds

  • 5 year old German Champion

  • Champion of his approval

  • Westphalian Champion en  2019 and 2020.

His mother, Dipsy Delight :

  • Daughter of Dating AT NRW , who has numerous rankings in S*, L and M levels, sire of more than 40 approved stallion sons, including Date de Luxe , German 3-year-old Champion in 2020. Dating ranks 4th of the best performance sires in Germany in 2021.

  • Granddaughter of Kennedy WE , Elite stallion, winner in St George, and father of several stallion sons who evolved in FEI.

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